Advice For New Models

1. Before working with any photographer, check his references. Ask him for a list of models he was worked with along with their contact information, then contact them. If the photographer is unable or unwilling to give you references, DO NOT work with him. There are plenty of other great photographers who will be more than happy to let you contact their models.

2. Beware of any photographer who tries to tell you that you must do nude work in order to break into the modeling business. Tasteful nude work can help your career if you want to be an arts model, but if your goal is print, fashion or TV, nude work in your portfolio is not necessary.

3. Whenever possible, meet with the photographer beforehand.

4. When working with a photographer for the first time, bring along a friend to act as your escort. If the photographer tries to discourage you from bringing an escort, run away. Fast.

5. Read the entire model release and make sure you understand it before signing anything.

6. Never do a pose or shoot that makes you feel uncomfortable, and don't do anything that will cause you to feel ashamed.

7. Be on time and do not show up for a shoot drunk or stoned. If you can develop a reputation as a reliable and hard working model you will be miles ahead of your competition.


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